Drone photography real estate

Customers are increasingly interested in digital resources and videos made with drones to allow you to present your property from different perspectives, such as a panoramic view of the property and its surroundings, for example. Moving the drone to simulate entering and exiting the home or property also provides a different sensory experience to the client.


For builders and real estate brokers, unmanned aircraft systems – a.k.a. drones – represent practicality in obtaining images, whether for evaluating the viability of new terrains or for the production of videos presented to customers with an elegant touch.


Land valuation has been one of the bets of the drones’ use from builders. Before the works start, the device is used to evaluate, for example, the best positioning of the towers of a given enterprise, taking into account factors such as the incidence of the sun in the future apartments and the view that the residents will have – factors that, for in turn, may interfere with the price of the units. Another application of the drones is to produce images to show prospective buyers what the view will actually be.


Drones are also used in the production of videos with details of the location and prospects of the venture – presenting, for example, the location of supermarkets and stores in the region.

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