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Detroit Drone Pros offers our clients the experience of seeing the world from new perspectives, hidden points of view, and unknown angles. We specialize in the production of videos and photos with drones for advertising campaigns of builders, real estate professionals, hotels, resorts, restaurants, educational institutions, architecture and brands in and around metro Detroit.

Seeing the world through aerial images elicits feelings of awe and wonder. The varied and untraditional movements and positions of the camera guarantees you’ll get unique imagery of your property or event, because our Detroit drone operators are able photograph and film areas that were previously impossible or cost-prohibitive to access previously.

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Detroit Drone Pros is southeastern Michigan’s premier aerial photography and aerial videography company. Proudly serving Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties with exceptional quality drone services for commercial uses.

Why Book with Detroit Drone Pros?

Detroit Drone Pros is southeastern Michigan’s premier aerial photography and aerial videography company. Proudly serving Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties with exceptional quality drone services for commercial uses.

FAA Approved & Licensed Drone Operator

Detroit Drone Pros is an FAA-approved and licensed operator. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for setting and enforcing all rules regarding the flying of unmanned aircraft systems, better known as drones. As FAA-certificated remote pilots, we adhere to the highest standards of flight safety to protect the people and property we fly near. We adhere to the rules and safety tips set forth by the FAA to help up fly safely in the National Airspace System. Don’t be fooled – there are many people who buy a drone and think they are qualified to operate one for commercial purposes – beware!


The FAA process of testing and regulation ensures that Detroit FAA-approved drone pilots can fly safely, as the licensing exam requires the aerial drone videographer to demonstrate knowledge of operating rules and regulations, airspace classification and operating requirements, sources of weather and effects of weather on performance, loading and performance of drones, airport operations, aeronautical decision-making, and maintenance and inspection procedures.

What does this mean for you, our client? It means you can count on Detroit Drone Pros to fly our drones safely and within the FAA’s guidelines and regulations. It also means our Detroit aerial photographers and videographers know the “rules of the sky” and where it is and isn’t safe to fly. “Can’t I just get my nephew to take drone photos for me?” In theory, yes, you absolutely can. But if your nephew is unaware of the rules of the sky and flies into prohibited airspace, you could be liable for civil penalties in excess of $30,000 per violation.


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Detroit Aerial Photography Price


You must be asking yourself – what will a Detroit drone shoot cost? Detroit Drone Pros offers affordable professional and reliable drone photography and videography services that begin at $379. To determine pricing, we consider a few things:

  • The distance of travel required to perform the shoot. For metro Detroit clients, we do not charge a travel fee. However, for shoots outside of our service area (greater than a 40 mile radius of Detroit), a small travel fee will be required.
  • The final time of your edited video (if you do not know, we can help you); Our drone service includes professional editing of the drone footage captured. The longer the desired final runtime of your video, the more the cost. We understand that you want drone footage to represent the very best of your property and company, so Detroit Drone Pros takes the editing of footage very seriously.
  • The square footage and/or acreage of the property to be filmed. How large (or small) your property is will impact the time spent filming and therefore, the cost of production.
  • Final desired deliverables – When this project is finished, what final products are you expecting? Do you want drone photos exclusively? Do you want drone videos exclusively? Do you want both drone videos and drone photos? These questions will impact pricing for your project, as well.

For an accurate quote, please complete our short quote request form. Remember, the more information you can provide – desired shoot date, deadline for final deliverables, square footage or acreage of property, requested final product – the more accurate we can craft our quote. Our online quote request form will gather all of this information and even give you the opportunity to upload pictures of the property. Please feel free to take advantage of this service, as it helps us save both your time and ours.